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What is your Props Policy?

View our policy here: Props Policy  


What is our Costume and Harassment Policy?

View our policy here: Costume and Harassment Policy  


What is your Accessibility Policy?

View our policy here: Accessibility Policy


I have never been to an event like this. What happens?

Fan Expo Regina is a playground for people of all ages who are interested in any, or all, of the genres the expo has to offer.  Each guest  has their own schedule of autographs as well as question and answer sessions along with artists competition (“Sketching Duels”), workshops like special effects/make-up or portfolio reviews, a masquerade or cosplay (where people dress up as their favourite character) and much more! Come experience it for yourself!  


How much does it cost?

See “Tickets” link for updated information.  


When is it?

May 5-6, 2018


Where is it?

Canada Centre East at Evraz Place 1700 Elphinstone Street, Regina, SK S4P 2Z6 Canada  


What are the hours of Expo?

Saturday: 10AM – 7PM Sunday: 10AM – 5PM  


What is a panel?

A panel is a group discussion on a topic they enjoy. The panelist speakers are often fans or professionals who work in the related industry. It is a great opportunity to ask questions and discuss why things are the way they are.  


What is an Autograph Session?

This is an organized session of time set aside by our guests to sign items that you have brought or purchased. Most Autographs are available for free with your admission, but, for some Guests there is an additional fee, or donation required for charity.  


How does the Autograph session work?

Most autographs from our guests work on a first come, first serve basis. Most guests do not charge for an autograph, but a few do. Be sure to check your Expo program for a schedule of Autograph sessions. Not all guests sign every day, so you don’t want to miss anyone.  


Is the Expo a Star Trek convention?

No! The Expo has many components, and Star Trek is one of them, but we offer many events under one roof for a reason. Most of the fans’ interests cross over into the various events.  


What are the rules on photography and videotaping?

Please use common sense when taking photographs and ask your subjects if it is okay to photograph them. Video is not restricted, except during stage presentations but photographs are always permitted.  


Who are this year’s guests?

Please check our “Guest” links for the most updated list of who will be appearing at this year’s Expo.  


When will you be announcing more guests?

New Guest announcements are made available to the public simultaneously through the Expo’s electronic mailing list.  


Why didn’t you invite “fill in your guest here”?

The Expo strives to get the guests that a majority of fans will want to see. We also try to have different guests for each Expo, to attract people that have visited us before. The number one reason guests can’t be a part of our show are their schedules. All of these people have very busy lives, so sometimes it is difficult to find the time to attend. If we did not get your favourite guest last year, just stay tuned, we may have them this time.  


The Expo advertised “guest name here” but I could not find him/her at the Expo, what’s the deal?

Every year a very small percentage of our guests cannot join us as planned. The reasons are endless, but in the end we usually do not have enough time to react as far as changing the schedules and advertising. If a guest cancels we will give as much notice as possible, but sometimes it is not possible when emergencies arrive. Also, not all guests attend the Expo for the entire operating hours of the show. If you are only visiting the Expo for a couple of hours, you will not see all of our guests as they are scheduled for all different kinds of events throughout the three days. Please join us for the whole weekend and don’t miss out!  


When will you post a tentative schedule?

A tentative HOUR TO HOUR SCHEDULE WILL BE POSTED IN APRIL on the web site. Will you be posting/emailing the schedule? As mentioned in the above paragraph, our guests are busy people and with that, comes the difficulty of making a schedule well in advance. The Expo will try and set up a schedule for the fans as soon as possible, but please be warned, things always change.  


What are Artist Alley and Small Press?

The Artist Alley is the hub for all professional and amateur artists.  The special area at the Expo is where these artists display and sell their art and related products. They also meet with the fans face to face and many do sketches live for commission, sign and sell previously published works. Small Press is a big part of the Artist Alley and features mostly amateur artists and publishers who are trying to make their way into the industry. Many professional artists working today cut their teeth in the small press grassroots before breaking into the mainstream publishing industry. Very often, the participating small press publishers offer items that have no other distribution other than Fan Expo Regina, so this is the only chance fans have to see and purchase their wares.  


I lost my eTicket! How can I reprint it?

Lost your e-ticket? Click here to have it resent.